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Run your surveying business smarter, with less effort, improved client satisfaction and the comfort of knowing that you comply with WHSE regulations.

Smart Survey is a reliable cloud service allowing surveyors to answer guided questions and create quotes for survey services, then review and issue those quotes and prepare and track progress of jobs from those accepted quotes.

Google maps and NSW SIX Maps are fully integrated, so no more need to jump around web sites when preparing quotes or working out travel times.

Jobs are managed via a 'workflow' that allows survey managers to easily visualise the many constraints on their workload and juggle the tasks across their team(s) and survey equipment. Get that plan out before the end of the week, calibrate that jigger, setout that site before clearing starts and add in a rush job? Easy.

Field staff use mobile forms to check notes, assess site risks, track equipment & job progress and capture times with results being visible straight away in the office.

Health, Safety & Environmental risk assessment and incident/injury tracking is supported in compliance with WHSE regulations.